Studio Ceramics by Alenka Sekne


Vessel as a symbol of receiving and giving. A medium of passing stories from person to person.


Boat on my mind … stirring sea of imagination.

Sculptural Forms

Sculptural Vessels, Small Sculptures, Vase Forms, Compositions & Installations, On the Wall

Functional Ceramics

Cups, Bowls & Platters, Teapots

A long jurney through an enchanted forest

When one is entering the world of ceramics, one can hardly imagine how broad and captivating this area of creativity is. It resembles an enchanted forest. The deeper you set, the more captivating mysteries you encounter. And you want and wish to unravel them all.

Very soon you learn that humble, patient approach is the most appropriate. There is a long journey in front of you. An almost limitless extensive pallet of alternatives toughen the selection of few, to work on at a time.

My ceramics is fired in an electric kiln, in some rare occasions I practice pit firing. Within wide range of clays, stoneware (in variations) and porcelain are those, mostly used. Besides pottery wheel, hand-building is the predominant way of working with occasionally help of extruder, slab-roller or plaster mold.


In the process I am interested in playfully exploring materials, forms and textures as well as procedures. When involving some other (not typical ceramic) materials which successfully contribute to the final result of the process, another playground with even more mazes is opened.

While on the move, I prefer playing with the elements, before taking regular, confirmed paths. It might take longer to reach the final goal but unpredicted results and unexpected surprises are much more intriguing for me.

Besides miraculous universe and my inner emotions, the whole process of working in studio is inspiring per se.

— Alenka Sekne